About us

About Us

Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic (LVIP) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified institution and is affiliated and run by Learn-Vidya Society, a National Level Autonomous Education organisation registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, Govt. of India. Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic has been working successfully with the motto to uplift the social status of women in the society. Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic today has an enviable reputation based on the achievement of its staff and students. Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic had ventured into the realms of training aspirants in different professional courses. The polytechnic has an unique identity, which means that students benefit from the informal and friendly atmosphere of a small college environment, while still being able to take advantage of the extensive facilities and resources of a large institution. Professional orientation and sound teaching methodology has made Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic an institute of pre-eminence. As a premier education institution, Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic is known to care for its students. This care has been aptly translated into dedicated professionalism, methodical approach, technical expertise and sophisticated infrastructure.

Director's Message

A hearty welcome to all the students seeking admission to Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic (LVIP) courses. Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic plays a significant role in Promoting the Vocational and Technical Courses for last 10 years. Once you have chosen your career, you have to decide where you will find the right environment and adequate opportunities to help you equip yourself with future challenges. At Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic pursuit of excellence is a way of life. The latest potential of studies is nurtured into efficacious technical skills. I hope that your stay during the classes and practical will be academically rewarding and professionally meaningful as you are likely to be provide good teaching and guidance by team of dedicated and experienced faculty members.

So, if you are willing to put in all your hard work, we think, all that you require to succeed. You will find with our courses. The other facilities available to you in Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic are more than Opportunities usually provided elsewhere. You must be prepared to deal with faculty who except great things from you. They will challenge your abilities and require you to perform much better than you believe you can. They can not make you see with your eyes. At best they can encourage you to use your own hard work in the way of life here. The ultimate success of the Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic will depend upon the performance of our students in the field. Any suggestions on the implementation of the concept will be the most welcome. Please utilise your precious time in building your overall personality to the entire satisfaction of your guardians and gain a good name and fame to yourself.

"I urge you to chase your Dream, be what you want to be. If you have will, you can win, believe in yourself." Good Luck!

-Upendra Kumar Singh

(Managing Director)