Computer Courses

Computer Science

As Computers move in all fields, be it banking, education, railways and communication etc. it is apparent that education without Computers is incomplete. With the advent of Computer application in all areas and with increasing in the world, the need of Computer professionals has increased manifolds. Hence computer is emerging as a very strong career option. It is a growth-oriented profession in the new millennium. It believed that seventies was the era of Engineering & Medicine, eighties was the era of Management and nineties and twenties is the age of Computers. We cannot ignore its importance and the wide number of applications we see around us in almost each and every walk to Life. Computer industry is changing at a pace never seen before. New innovations, new additions are setting pace to it, enhancing the horizons of Computer leaning beyond ordinary. As the new technologies moves in taking the place of conventional communication storage and publicity mode, the conventional .Computer Education simply can't hold the challenges of the world. Offers the latest LVIP in knowledge with state-of-art technology and the most student friendly teaching methods to qualify the students for a high profile future. Keeping up the current trend and demand of this diploma, the course is mainly oriented towards giving the enthusiastic user a tremendous experience on working in windows environment and getting to know complete control and operation of the system there of.

Career Opportunities

  • Computer Operator
  • Website Designer
  • Software Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Faculty
  • PHP Developer
  • Back-end Operation
  • Business Executive
  • MIS Executive
  • Office Secretaries
  • Marketing & Sales Professionals
  • DTP Operator