Why Choose LVIP?

Why Choose LVIP?

We, at Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic (LVIP), believe we have been successful for a whole host of reasons but the top two, according to our students, are honesty and work ethic. As a premier education institution, Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic is well known to care for its students via numerous resources & methodology:

Training Methodology

The greatest advantage of Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic (LVIP) lies in the fact that all courses are computer aided. The courses give the students freedom to develop their spirit of innovation and explore the professional world through the use of computers and with the guidance of Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic's (LVIP) experienced faculty.

Work Material

The stationery and other material for the theory and practical work has to be brought by the students. However, in order to help the students, the institute may sell the required material in the polytechnic. The Polytechnic reserved the right to retain the students work of art or their thesis for exhibition or for some reason. Students are required to get their own material for the practical examinations.


The Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic (LVIP) faculties are full-time, qualified professionals, always there to guide students and are specially trained to understand student psychology, internalize knowledge uniformly and put across difficult to understand concepts simply. From time to time guest faculty seminars are conducted at Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic (LVIP), where professionals and experts from the industry are invited to keep students aware of latest technological trends.

Development of Entrepreneurship

In order to develop entrepreneurship among the successful candidates and to assist them in setting up their business establishment, the polytechnic would provide all the necessary assistance in terms of development of contact, canvassing and personal guidance.

Career Oriented Programs

The whole training time is equally divided into theory and practical sessions. Apart from regular computer and workshop time, students are allowed unlimited access to the institutes's infrastructure to sharpen their skill, express their creativity and enhance their level of curiosity. This builds self confidence, allows them to explore the wide horizon of their courses, thus shaping them into confident professionals.
The quality of education and eagerness to learn will stand by you in this competitive, performance driven world. It is for you to use inherent aptitude to make the most of it. Learn-Vidya International Polytechnic offers a wide range of professional courses for today's professional careers. Training you in the current and emerging technologies that employers will look for when you start working.

Hostel Facilities

Hostel facilities are available for girls/women. The hostellers will have to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the institute. In case, a hosteller violates the rules or directions issued by the director, strict disciplinary action including expulsion may be ordered at a short notice and without assigning any reason for the same. The student is provided with basic furniture in the room which include study table, a chair, bed and cupboard. Hostel is well equipped with all the modern amenities for the convenience of hostellers.

Employment Bureau

The Polytechnic has an employment call which maintains close liaison with industries, business and trade houses and also other organizations for suitable placement of students completing various courses. The role of the cell is to inform the potential employer about the training programme, arranging campus interviews and maintain a file of job opportunities for student's reference.


Student in Delhi can also avail of our transport/cab facilities at very nominal charges. Please Check with the front office for exact charges and route.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities like picnics, excursion, celebrations and annual day functions would be organized by the institute. Students who excel in various competitions will be awarded prizes.